Mass Tort


Intake Process

Our approach to initiating cases is marked by our understanding of its critical importance. Our skilled team of nurses, renowned for their proficiency in the intake process, prioritizes effective communication tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a solid foundation for the case ahead.

Medical Record Retrieval

Efficiency and alleviation of frustration are at the forefront of our services as we handle the procurement and preliminary review of the necessary medical documentation for each case. This process is streamlined by our team to save your legal staff valuable time and effort.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets

The complexity and stringent deadlines of Plaintiff Fact Sheets (PFS) are navigated with ease by our nursing team, who bring extensive experience in managing comprehensive health histories and intake documentation. Our expertise is your asset in efficiently handling these detailed forms.

Tort Appeals

Facing denials from Claims Administrators? Our expertise shines in drafting compelling medico-legal appeals, boasting remarkable success rates. Historically, our appeals have led to at least a 50% increase in settlement amounts for over 85% of cases, underscoring our commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for every client.

Case Analysis

For cases already underway, we offer detailed case analyses based on the collected data, regardless of our involvement from the start. Our evaluations range from concise overviews to in-depth examinations, tailored to the specific demands of your case.

Chronologies & Summaries

We specialize in distilling medical records into precise chronologies and summaries, focusing exclusively on information pertinent to your case. This meticulous process ensures you have the most streamlined and effective means of reviewing the medical aspects of your case.

What is Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a civil action involving numerous plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries or damages as a result of the actions or negligence of a defendant or group of defendants. Mass tort cases typically arise when a harmful product, such as a pharmaceutical drug or medical device, causes widespread harm to a large number of people.

Unlike class action lawsuits, where a single lawsuit is filed on behalf of a large group of plaintiffs, each plaintiff in a mass tort maintains an individual lawsuit. However, the cases are often consolidated into one proceeding for pretrial purposes to streamline the litigation process and ensure consistency in legal arguments and evidence.

Mass torts can involve a wide range of legal issues and can arise from various circumstances, including product liability, environmental disasters, industrial accidents, and consumer fraud. These cases can be complex and require extensive legal expertise to navigate, often involving substantial resources and time to resolve.

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