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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A registered nurse consultant who draws from their expertise as a healthcare provider along with specialized training consults with attorneys on medical-related legal cases. Legal Nurse Consultants assist attorneys in interpreting medical records and understanding medical terminology & conditions to achieve the best results for their clients.


Life Care Planning

  • Records Analysis/Review
  • Patient Home Visit/Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Trial/LCP Testimony

Consulting Services

  • Medical Records Review & Verbal Report
  • Written Medical Analysis, Asses Damages/Injuries
  • Organize Medical Records, Testimony Prep
  • Case Chronology
  • Locate Testifying Expert(s)

Expert Witness

  • Medical Records Review, Case Screening,
  • Affidavit & Research
  • Expert Testimony (Deposition, Trial/Arbitration)

Case Management

  • Complete Physical Patient Assessment
  • Regularly Evaluates Patient Nursing Needs
  • Assist Patient With Getting Proper Medical Care
  • Determine Nursing Diagnosis
  • Develop a Care Plan With Goals
  • Provide Health Instruction To Patient
  • Identify Future Needs For Patient


I have 18 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in a variety of healthcare settings. Such settings include University hospitals, integrative medicine clinics, women’s health clinics, and acute care hospitals. I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant & Life Care Planner. I have a passion for medicine along with the health and well-being of others.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, I screen medical records, write medical chronologies and reports, testify and assist in locating testifying experts. With these services, I am able to improve the outcomes for people that have been wrongfully injured and for false claims of injury.

Don’t Let Distance Get in Your Way

The challenges that used to exist when collaborating with experts in a different county, city or state no longer hinder the process of working together. Before technology was available to help aid smooth communication, it was not even a thought to hire someone that was not close in location....

Pedestrian Automobile Accident

Patient was struck by a vehicle and sustained multiple traumatic injuries. Patient was unconscious yet breathing when she was brought to the Emergency Room (ER) in critical condition at 0250. Patient was initially diagnosed with a closed head injury and primarily treated by Dr. One in the ER. A...

Work-Related Knee Injuries

Subject is a 47-year-old man who has suffered several left knee injuries during work-related incidents where he was working as a firefighter. He was very pleasant and cooperative during our in person and telephone interviews. Subject has been married to his wife Erika for 20 years. They have two...

Bicycle Automobile Accident

Subject was involved in a motor vehicle versus bicycle accident. Subject was riding her bicycle past a turn-in when the vehicle turned into her lane.Subject struck the vehicle with her bicycle and became entrapped between the vehicle and trailer. She was then drug for approximately 20 feet before...

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