The challenges that used to exist when collaborating with experts in a different county, city or state no longer hinder the process of working together. Before technology was available to help aid smooth communication, it was not even a thought to hire someone that was not close in location. Keeping up with technology will enable you to work with whatever expert that you choose and will not limit you to just the one in your county that may be busy or may not do the work to your standards.

 As a Legal Nurse Consultant, Life Care Planner and Testifying Expert I have been very privileged to work with attorneys around the US. Some of the states I work in are Nevada, California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Idaho, etc. Technology has made this possible for me! When I first started in my career as a CLNC and CNLCP, I felt very limited with where I could work. I was very disappointed because I wanted to be able to help attorneys and their clients everywhere I could. I then discovered that I could and it did not stop the flow of the attorneys or my work. I still sometimes hear from attorney-clients that “You live in a different state. Can I work with you?” The answer is yes! I can work in any state and will educate myself if there is something that differs from state to state.

Here is the technology that makes working with someone out of your state or city easier.

  1. LinkedIn- This has given me the opportunity to communicate with attorney-clients that I would not have otherwise. It is easy to see the person’s skill abilities and the people that endorse them. It is a form of a website that is constantly updated.
  2.  Dropbox– This tool makes it very simple to send me medical records or any documentation that needs to be worked on for your case. I have also received these records on discs or thumb drives.
  3.  E-mail– This technology is old but still great and effective. You can communicate about your case and have a track record of everything that has been going on.

As you can see, technology is a great tool in creating workability and improving communication with experts in different areas. Please do not let distance deter you from working with your chosen expert.


April Stallings RN, BSN, CLNC, CNLCP

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