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What Our Clients Say:

“If I were to choose an expert for any case involving a dispute about the standard of nursing care I would want Ms. Stallings. She was able to pull from messy, poorly written medical records a very coherent, logical pattern of events which told a tragic story. At deposition she exhibited a rare blend of innocence and resolve. While being personally deferential to the examiner she would not compromise or concede any points not supported by the record, ultimately disappointing the examiner. She has a photographic memory. She is responsive to and grateful for suggestions and works closely and quickly with her attorney/client. Ms. Stallings can be counted on to provide quality service.”
James J. Ream, Esq. Law Office of James J. Ream

“I have recently been using April Stallings, RN to assist me in the audit trail in our medical malpractice case. She is exceptional. So far she has helped our case greatly by finding medical evidence none of our hired MD experts have found thus far.”
Lee Tucker, The Tucker Law Firm

“It was a pleasure working with April Stallings! April delivers superior services in a timely manner with great attention to detail. April’s ability to analyze medical records contributes to producing a reliable, concise, and professional work product. It was very easy to communicate with April about the case. I highly recommend working with April Stallings on any medical related case.”
John Torgenson, Esq. Torgenson Law, Phoenix AZ