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April Stallings

RN, BSN, Certified Nurse Life Care Planner & Brain Injury Specialist

April Stallings is an RN, BSN, Certified Nurse Life Care Planner & Brain Injury Specialist. April has over 21 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in a variety of healthcare settings. Such settings include University hospitals, integrative medicine clinics, women’s health clinics and acute care hospitals.

April and Roderick Stallings founded Legal RN Solutions in 2013. April has worked on over 200 cases such as Life Care Plans, Life Care Plan Rebuttals, Medical Cost Projections, Future Medical Costs, and as a Standard of Care Expert. Types of cases April has assisted on include Medical Malpractice, Complex Personal Injury, Catastrophic Personal Injury, Workers Comp and Nursing Home Injury and Neglect. April has testified in court in Nevada and California as an Expert Life Care Planner. April has testified in deposition as an expert/life care planner over 30 times. April can assist on both plaintiff and defense cases.

April draws from her experience and knowledge to provide excellent services. April is passionate about improving the lives of her clients.

Personal Injury Day in The Life Video

Day In the Life Video productions are an authentic snapshot of how your client is living life post injury or incident.

As a Life Care Planner, I get the opportunity to do a complete assessment on my clients to evaluate their needs post injury. I get to step into their world to see what a day is like for them. The “Day In The Life” Provides a “viewpoint” into the world of an injured individual. It is vital to illustrate the limitations that a client may have after an injury so the jury can connect firsthand with the daily routine of the injured party.

Roderick Stallings


Roderick Stallings is a Northern Nevada native who attended the University of Nevada, Reno as a student athlete and graduated with a Bachelor of Communications. He completed a Master of Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. Since founding Legal RN Solutions in 2013, Roderick has been the driving forces behind the company’s strategic and operational success.

Roderick Stallings is a passionate executive business development professional with over 14+ years of experience leading business initiatives in various specialties. Roderick has worked in medical device, spine, vein, and behavioral health settings. Roderick’s experience includes ground-up brand development, training employees, employee recruitment, market research, and data analysis in multiple businesses and markets. Roderick provides strong leadership and accountability for the operational excellence of our business through consistent implementation of the tools and processes necessary to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness.

“Ms. Stallings has a rare combination of experience, intelligence and commitment to patient care or the healthcare trifecta.” 

Douglas K. Smith, MD

San Antonio TX

“If I were to choose an expert for any case involving a dispute about the standard of nursing care I would want Ms. Stallings.” 

James J. Ream, Esq.

Las Vegas, NV

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